About the fTelnet Proxies

The proxies listed on this site are meant to be used with My fTelnet, and Embedded fTelnet.

Both of those sites are powered by my HTML5 telnet client fTelnet, which technically is a WebSocket client. And that technicality poses a technical problem: BBSes don't support the WebSocket protocol!

So the fTelnet Proxies listed on this page are there to take your browsers WebSocket connection and help it talk to a BBSes telnet connection. Think of it like a translator helping two people who speak different languages talk to each other.

Are there no proxies located near you? Make a $10 donation, and let me know what location you want, and I'll add something as close to it as I can get.

If you're not using My fTelnet, or the embedded version of fTelnet, then this site probably isn't of much interest to you.